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Meet the experienced and talented beauty expert's team of Rookis Professional

Better Together

Inspired by the principals of team spirit and mutual respect the value of our company is determined not only by the top quality of its products and services, but mainly by its people! Becoming a member of Roukis Professional team is educating to become the personal consultant of beauty professionals. But above all else, being a member means that you’re part of very talented and creative people.

Nothing gets in his way when it comes down to business. Everything runs smoothly thanks to his keen vision. His goal is to build mutual trust and provide personalized service to each and everyone of you. The morning newspaper is a must-item at his office in order get informed by the latest commercial news.

Nikos CEO

Kindness is her middle name, while creativity is her passion. Full of energy, she is always ready to tackle new challenges and to manage having everything under control. When she is not preparing the next social media campaign, you'll find her at her little workshop creating handmade jewelry.

Phaedra Marketing Manager

As a heroine from a Jane Austen novel, she discovers new adventures in the realms of beauty. She manages with her positive energy as well as with her warm smile to convince even the most demanding client. What she loves is to take a walk on the sea with her loved ones.

Vassia Senior Beauty Consultant & Digital Content Specialist

Always smiling and helpful, she makes you feel confident that you have found just what you were looking for. She loves organising everything at work. Like a true Egyptian lover she believes that in one of her previous lives she was definitely Cleopatra's personal beauty consultant.

Katholiki Senior Beauty Consultant

Born artist, her professional career couldn't be anything else other than beautician. With her magic brushes, she creates the most iconic looks, with a special preference towards special effects and theatrical make-up. If you follow her beauty tips, you'll shine! She's an organiser enthusiast as you can detect in every aspect of her life: from military order at her work to the ultimate travel planning with friends and family, a hobby she adores! Next destination: charming London!

Josephina Senior Beauty Consultant