About Us | Rookis Professional
Our company operates in the field of professional beauty products since 2003, providing high quality products and services.


Roukis Professional at a glance

Since 2003 we have served beauty professionals with the most advanced products always at best prices. Our excellent technical training and our knowledge on the beauty products we have, have won the trust of our customers.

At the same time, for beauty enthusiasts, who want to "taste" the latest advances in the field of cosmetology, our company provides the possibility of retail sale with the appropriate guidance from our specialized staff.

We firmly believe in the personalised and successful customer service with two stores in Corinth and Kiato, as well as with immediate delivery throughout Greece through our online store.

Combining the responsibility and immediacy of a family business with the strategic goal setting and excellent technical training of a modern company, we are always by your side to meet your every need!

Mission - Vision - Values

To provide top quality products and technical training that meet the requirements of the modern beauty professionals so that their work will meet the highest quality standards. At the same time, to show off the beauty in every person who wishes to treat oneself with the best and purest products.

To be a company recognized by the quality and excellent knowledge of our beauty products.

Dedication, responsibility, team spirit, modesty, self-improvement, diplomacy, problem-solving, inclusivity.